HU 103B- Introduction to Technical Communication
Instructor: Jennifer Sheppard
Office: Walker 146
Phone: 487-3275
Office Hours: M. 12-2, Tu. 3-5, and by arrangement

Required Texts:

  • Writing for the Technical Professions- Kristin Woolever (1999)
  • HTML for the World Wide Web-Elizabeth Castro (4th edition)
  • Reserve articles to be copied

Course Description:

This course is designed to give you experience with the major forms of writing used in technical communication. You will put these new skills into practice as you work in a collaborative team throughout the term to construct a website. This project will take you through the multiple stages of researching, designing, and revising that you are likely to encounter in technical professions.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn and become comfortable writing in the main genres of technical communication
  • Understand how the rhetorical situation (audience, purpose, and context) shapes the development and final production of technical communication documents
  • Demonstrate that you understand how to design, write, test, and revise text- and visual-based communication in a professional, workplace context
  • Understand how to integrate written content, graphics, document layout and site navigation in order to create a usable, reader-friendly document
  • Learn how to work effectively and efficiently within collaborative groups


This class is designed to facilitate learning through participation and hands on practice, hence your attendance is necessary. You will have lab time to work on assignments and group projects at least once a week, so you must come to every class having done assigned reading and with all the necessary materials. Your grade will be impacted by more than 4 absences.

Assignment Completion:

You must complete ALL assignments to pass this course.


  • Collaborative Project 70%
  • Reading & other assignments 15%
  • Attendance & participation 15%
  • More specific grading criteria for the collaborative project can be found with the final project directions.

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