Course Description
HU2644: Computer Applications is designed to acquaint you with learning how to learn software. While the assignments in this course will familiarize you with particular applications, the real intent of these activities is to help you develop strategies for learning similar applications and for understanding new features as applications are continually upgraded. You will also begin to understand the basics of computer hardware and learn how computers deal with information. And finally, you will do some reading and group discussion which will encourage you to think critically about the contextual and social issues which these technologies make possible. In the last three weeks of the course you will complete a project which relies on multiple software applications and present this to the rest of the class. This project will become a portfolio on CD which may assist you in future courses, as well as in finding co-ops or employment.

Course Goals
Students will:

  • be presented not just the 'know-how' but the 'know-why' for various software applications
  • gain a better understanding of the functions of a computer and its multitude of capabilities
  • discover the similarities and differences between software applications
  • begin to look at the various strategies used by software designers
  • learn to apply several different types software to the same project
  • gain a better sense of which applications are most appealing to them so that they can begin to build a strong repertoire of skills and strategies
  • be able to use new software with pleasure and grace instead of anger and frustration

This class will contain students with a variety of experience using computers, digital technology, and software applications. One of the primary ways you will improve your skills is by talking and sharing with other students. Use each other as resources and build off of the knowledge your class possesses.

Needed Materials