PDFs on this page are no longer available due to copyright and space constraints (9/23/04)

"Absolute Power: Can a Software Package Edit Our Thoughts?"

Phillip Megg's Chapter 1: "The Elements of Graphic Design"

Phillip Megg's Chapter 2: "The Union of Word and Picture"

Interview with Scott McCloud from Wired Magazine

Excerpts from Making iMovies (read only the first article listed below unless you are planning to use iMovie for your final project- the other files are more how-to on things like importing your video and sound into iMovie and creating transitions and titles. These are well written, so I encourage you to use them if your project incorporates this software):

    • Introdution to iMovie and Storytelling
    • Importing video into iMovie
    • Importing sound into iMovie
    • Creating transitions and titles

Anne Wysocki's “Impossibly Distinct: On Form/Content and Word/Image in Two Pieces of Computer-Based Interactive Multimedia”