PhotoShop Web Tips and Tricks

Using the images in the Photoshop folder of our class folder or images you already have, create each of the following as described in the Web Design Workshop book. Save everything in a folder with your name inside the Photoshop folder on the Groups drive.

  1. a tilted photo or piece of clip art
  2. a tilted image with a textured background
    • place one or both of these images into a web page with text wrapping around them
  3. crop an image to reduce its size and highlight the main focal point
  4. create a sepia toned image
  5. add a drop shadow or other "layer effects" to an image
  6. apply different filters to at least two photos and experiment with various settings and multiple effects
  7. brighten a photo using "levels"
  8. adjust the global colors of a photo using "hue/saturation"
  9. adjust specific areas of color (local color) of a photo using the sponge tool's saturate and desaturate settings
  10. create three text headlines using:
    • styles
    • text warp
    • layer effects