Finding Out More About Search Engines and Optimizing Your Site
Your assignment for today has three parts all of which are due at the end of class today:

  1. Visit the Search Engine Watch site and read links 1-10 ("Essentials of Search Engine Submission" and "Optimizing for Crawlers"). You may also want to look at some of the "Optional but Helpful" links. Write down five tips you learned from this, but did not find in the WDW book and three questions about search engines that you still want to know more about.

  2. Choose two search engine sites from the list below (pick one you use and one you don’t) and research their site submission and ranking information. Write a brief synopsis of the process.

  3. Check out to research whether or not there are any specialty search engines that might be appropriate outlets for further advertising your group or individual project site. List the URLs and why these would be relevant for your purposes.