Technical and Professional Communication Theory and Pedagogy  

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Additional Readings

Readings are in the order that they appear in the course schedule

  • Dayton & Bernhardt- "Results of a survey of ATTW members, 2003. Technical Communication Quarterly" (PDF)
  • Dobrin- "What's Technical about Technical Writing?" (PDF)

  • Allen- "The Impact of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment on Technical and Professional Communication Programs" (PDF)
  • Allen & Benninghoff- "TPC Program Snapshots: Developing Curricula and Addressing Challenges" (PDF)
  • Blakeslee & Spilka- The State of Research in Technical Communication" (PDF)

  • Cargile Cook- "Layered Literacies: A Theoretical Frame for Technical Communication Pedagogy" (PDF)
  • Faber & Johnson-Eilola- "Migrations: Strategic Thinking about the Future(s) of Technical Communication" (PDF)

  • Paré- "Keeping Writing in Its Place: A Participatory Action Approach: to Workplace Communication" (PDF)
  • Turnley- "Integrating Critical Approaches to Technology and Service-Learning Projects" (PDF)
  • Smith Taylor- "Assessment in Client-based Technical Writing Classes: Evolution of Teacher and Client Standards" (PDF)
  • Kastman Breuch- "The Overruled Dust Mite: Preparing Technical Communication Students to Interact with Clients" (PDF)

  • Schneider- "Usable Pedaogies: Usability, Rhetoric, and Sociocultural Pedagogy in the Technical Writing Classroom" (PDF)

  • Gurak & Duin- "The Impact of the Internet and Digital Technologies on Teaching and Research in Technical Communication" (PDF)
  • Duffelmeyer- "Learning to Learn: New TA Preparation in Computer Pedagogy" (PDF)

  • Cargile Cook- An Argument for Pedagogy-Driven Online Education (PDF)
  • Grady & Davis- "Teaching Well Online with Instructional and Procedural Scaffolding" (PDF)
  • Coppola- "Changing Roles for Online Teachers of Technical Communicaiton" (PDF)
  • Hewett & Powers- "Guest Editors' Introduction: Online Teaching and Learning: Preparation, Development, and Organizational Communication" (PDF)
  • Journet- "Inventing Myself in Multimodality: Encouraging Senior Faculty to Use Digital Media" (PDF)
  • Lauer- "Contending with Terms: 'Multimodal' and 'Multimedia' in the Academic and Public Spheres" (PDF)
  • Sorapure- "Text, Image, Code, Comment: Writing in Flash" (PDF)

  • Brumberger- "Visual Communication in the Workplace: A Survey of Practice" (PDF)