Technical and Professional Communication Theory and Pedagogy  

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Resource Sharing Assignment

To complement our study of scholarship in the field of technical communication, we will consider the various ways in which professional communication is pursued within particular disciplinary, academic, and institutional settings. As part of daily class activities, you will collect examples and share written analyses of professional communication programs and journals.

Each of you will complete a profile of both a program and a journal. Start by downlowding the prompts for sharing programs and sharing journals. These forms ask you to describe and analyze your selected resources. In particular, they prompt you to reflect on the assumptions and commitments informing the structures of these resources. I expect that you will do some investigation of the journal/program and will elaborate on your findings (in other words, simply cutting and pasting information from the web is not an acceptable approach to this assignment). This sort of critical engagement is the primary goal of these sharing opportunities. To facilitate our discussion of these programs and journals, you will bring a copy of your completed forms to class on our scheduled resource sharing days, as well as post these forms to the Blackboard discussion thread so they are available to your classmates.

Sharing Programs
Check out the sites of the following professional organizations to find listings for undergraduate and graduate programs in technical and professional communication:

Association for Teachers of Technical Writing

Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Society for Technical Communication

Sharing Journals

  • Technical Communication Quarterly
  • Technical Communication
  • Journal of Technical Writing and Communication
  • IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
  • Business Communication Quarterly
  • Journal of Business and Technical Communication
  • Journal of Business Communication
  • Computers & Composition
  • Kairos
  • Programmatic Perspectives: Journal of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Other journals of interest to professional communication and rhetoric scholars and teachers include:

  • Proceedings/STC, Society for Technical Communication Annual Conference
  • Journal of Applied Communication Research
  • Rhetoric Review
  • College English
  • Written Communication
  • College Composition and Communication
  • Journal of Advanced Composition
  • The Writing Instructor



This assignment was originally develop by Dr. Melinda Turnley and is used here with her permission.