Technical and Professional Communication Theory and Pedagogy  

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Syllabus Development and Rationale


This project asks you to construct a detailed syllabus for use in an English 218 or 318 course at NMSU. Using the research and analysis you conducted in the Technical/Professional Communication Curriculum Review assignment, as well as the course readings on theory and pedagogy, you will write a course description and objectives, grading and course policies, a complete semster-long schedule (using a two or three day a week schedule), and assignment directions for all course projects.

Additionally, you will provide a written rationale justifying your text selection, your subject matter material, your pedagogical approach, and your assignments. Ideally, you should provide some research and/or theoretical evidence from our readings to support your choices.

In week 9, a draft write-up of one of your major course assignments will be due in class for feedback from your classmates. The write up of this assignment should include the following:

  • assignment objectives
  • detailed description for completion of the assignment
  • detailed description of the components/steps/sequence of the assignment (e.g. if this is a job materials packet, do students also search for a real job ad, complete an analysis of the postion/company, evaluate their own skills, etc.)
  • detailed guidelines for assessment- how will this assignment be evaluated

In week 11, a draft of your complete syllabus will be due in class for feedback from classmates. Please post this to the discussion board in Blackboard and bring a print copy to class. Write up of this draft should, at minimum, include the following:

  • course description
  • course objectives
  • skeleton schedule showing progression of assignment sequence
  • listing of all major course assignments with description of activities/steps they will entail (alternatively, you can begin drafting the assignment description, objectives, and directions for each of your major assignments and incorporate that here if you want more complete feedback)

By Tuesday of Exam Week, a revised final version of your complete syllabus and assignment sequence, along with a your written rationale will be due by 5pm.