Course Assignments Overview

Photoshop Ad Re-Design Assignment (5%)
This mini-assignment is an opportunity for you to become familiar with the basic concepts and tools in the graphic design program Photoshop. It will also provide another chance to experiment with and apply the basic design principles from your textbook and from Robin Williams' Non-Designer's Design Book.

Express Line Observation and Meta-Analysis (15% combined)
This two-part assignment is an exercise in observation, interpretation, analysis, and reflection. It combines your own observation of a designated experience with analysis of and reflection on a reading about qualitative research and the work of your classmates.

Outside Client Project (60%)
Working with at least two other people, this six-part project will be your most significant assignment.  Each team will locate, investigate, and formally propose an outside client and set of deliverables.  Working with a campus or community non-profit organization, teams will research, create, test, recommend changes, and revise appropriate communicative materials.  Teams will deliver an oral report midway through the term on the status of their project and will also write a final report evaluating the successes and challenges of the team’s project and experience.

Reading and In-Class Assignments (10%)
I have arranged readings from the course texts and PDFs so that they can support the work required for particular projects and activities. I assign reading as a way of introducing communication issues and helping you to think about approaching and constructing your assignments.  As I generally do not lecture about the text, I expect you to complete all assigned readings for a given day before coming to class, even if the material is familiar to you.  We will often apply what you have read to discussions and class activities.  Except for a few online articles and critical chapters, I will not assign written responses unless I get the sense that you are not reading.

Participation and Attendance (10%)
This class is designed to facilitate learning through participation and hands-on practice. Therefore your attendance and active engagement in discussions, activities, and team projects are necessary. Additionally, since I recognize that coordinating schedules outside of class is often difficult, you will periodically have class time to work on assignments and meet with your project team.  Take advantage of this opportunity by coming to class prepared and with all the necessary materials.