Reading Responses- 40%:

Readings responses are 1-2 typed, double spaced pages of notes, summaries, comments, reflections on and responses to the readings as well as at least 2 questions for class discussion on each article/chapter. These are due in class on the day for which the readings are assigned. On workshop days, your reading response will take the form of feedback to another class member’s writing.

Academic Profile- 20%:
The profile is a discussion of your academic history and plans for your PhD program. Your profile should address your strengths and target areas for improvement and growth. In addition, you should discuss your future research agenda, including possible dissertation topics and committee members. This will form your tentative plan for the rest of your PhD program and is a component of the qualifying portfolio. We will discuss the assignment criteria in more detail during the semester.

Critique of Scholarly Article- 25%:
This assignment asks you to respond to a scholarly article, one involving either theory or research in our broadly defined field. Your article should be selected from a peer-reviewed journal within the field of rhetoric, composition, and/or professional and technical communication. In your essay you should summarize the argument of the article, critique it, and compare it to other scholarship of its kind with which you are familiar. We will discuss the assignment criteria in more detail during the semester.

Workshop- 15%:
The last 2 assignments will be work-shopped in class and then turned in a second time in the final portfolio for the course. For workshop, you will read each other’s work prior to class and be prepared to comment on the work in class. Please bring copies (for all students and the instructor) of your work to the class before your scheduled workshop day.