You will receive responses to all your work in this class. Your work will not be assigned individual grades, but my responses will indicate if your work is acceptable or not. Your course grade will be determined by your final portfolio in which you will include all your work for the course. If you have questions about your grade or progress in the course during the semester, please make an appointment to talk to me.

The following indicates the percent value for course assignments:

  • Reading Responses 40%
  • Academic Profile 20%
  • Critique of Scholarly Article 25%
  • Participation 15%


Participation and Collaboration

As this course is an introduction for all students new to the PhD program it is critical that you develop participatory and respectful relationships with your fellow classmates. Doing so will not only encourage you to engage with their work and ideas, but will also help to construct a network of support that will help you throughout your years in the department and likely beyond.

This is a small class and as such, your participation in all discussions, workshops, and activities is absolutely vital. Our activities will be highly collaborative because this not only reflects working conditions you are likely to encounter in professional environments, but also because it is an important way of learning. Each of you has different strengths, proficiencies, and experiences which you bring to class. By working with others, you can pool these resources and develop work that is more rhetorically effective for your intended audience than you might otherwise be able to do on your own.



I expect graduate students to attend all class meetings (except in the case of an emergency, sickness, or absence related to a conference presentation). If you have more than 2 absences, your grade will be negatively affected.


Plagiarism and Ethics

You have to do your own work and appropriately identify work that is collaborative, borrowed, or copied from other sources, including your own work from other classes. When you use graphics, works, words, citations, or even ideas from other sources, you are under the legal and ethical obligation to identify these sources according to citation norms. If you have any questions, please contact me. Using work that is not yours and not appropriately identifying it will usually result in an F for an assignment if not the course.


If you have a disability that affects you as a student in this class you are invited to notify me and/or call the Disabled Student Programs Office at 646-6840. Your notification will remain confidential.