Portfolio Directions

Due Date: Noon on Wednesday, November 17. Your complete portfolio is due in my office (Walker 146) by 12pm on 11/17. I will be in my office to collect them between 11 and 12 on that day. If you need to turn your portfolio in BEFORE this deadline, you may put it in my department mailbox on the third floor of Walker Hall (be sure your name is clearly visible).

Purpose: The purpose of your portfolio is to collect in one place the written work you have done throughout the quarter so that your progression and improvement can be evaluated holistically. They will be graded based on how well you fulfilled the requirements of the assignments, the development in the overall quality of your writing, the effort you put into the assignments, and the originality of your ideas and approaches.

Cover Memo: The cover memo is meant to tell the story of your writing over the course of the quarter. It is a chance for you to reflect on the work you did and to self-evaluate your experiences. In the memo, you should talk about the things you learned through the various assignments, as well as the successes and struggles you faced along the way. You might conclude by discussing where you want to go from here and what things you think you need to continue to work on and why. The more detailed and critical you can be in this memo, the better. Referring to specific assignments and requirements will be helpful in this regard.

What to Include:

  • Deliberative writing project proposal (with my comments)
  • Deliberative writing project rough draft (with my comments)
  • Deliberative writing project final revised draft
  • All written reading responses (both paper-based and from NetForum)
  • Cover memo

Special Notes:

  • For group project materials (1st & final draft of lab report, children’s story) turn in only one copy per group (be sure to choose someone responsible)
  • For reading responses done on NetForum, print out a copy of each and label which reading assignment it was done for