Reading Response
Chapter 11 pages 281-334
Due Tuesday, September 14th
What is your general reaction to Garrett’s work in this section? In what ways, if any, did it effect your understanding of the social, cultural, political, and economic influences that helped to shape how people came to view AIDS/HIV? In what ways did the stigmatization of the first victims (gay men and IV drug users) effect the development of the disease and work towards putting a stop to it?

Reading Response
Due Thursday, September 16
Section 2- respond via NetForum by Thursday @ 9am
For Thursday, please read the following pages in Constructing Nature: v-vi, 3-13, 15-24, 81-82, 111-117, and 127-144. Since these articles will come from two different sections of the book, you will need to pick at least one from each section and do a written comparison. How do these discussions of nature differ? Why? What do these authors see as human’s role in nature? If it changes over time, how, why? What similarities in views do you see? In what ways do these authors construct nature?

Reading Response
due Thursday, September 23
For Thursday, your assignment consists of two parts: First, read pages 164-173 and 183-194 in your Guide to Writing about Biology and write down any questions about it that you have. Second, read the following pages in Constructing Nature: 149-151, 162-167, 176-196, and 197-217. After reading, choose two of the following questions to write about:

  1. When Pinchot wrote The Fight for Conservation in 1909, he advocated “wise use,” a policy that would allow the most people access to the land. What evidence of this do you still see today and what are the longer term effects of such a policy?
  2. After reading thoroughly Leopold’s argument for a “land ethic,” what is your reaction and why? Is it a philosophy that is or should still be around today? Why or why not?
  3. Do you still see evidence of Carson’s impact on thinking about the environment and different pollutants? Is there a need for someone writing like her today? Why or why not? Could someone still have as much influence on the general public as she did?

Writing Response to And the Band Played On
Due at October 7
For this response, I am interested in your general reaction to the film and the way you see it complementing or conflicting with Garrett’s version in chapter 11. What issues does the film bring up for you as a future biologist/researcher/doctor/medical professional? Why does this film make you feel as you do?