Individual Project
Final Report and Rationale

This report asks you to reflect back over your experience of creating your individual web design project. It provides you with an opportunity to justify your work and the decisions you made during the development process, as well as demonstrate how your work was informed by the research, reading, and thinking you did in other assignments. The quality and strength of the argument you put together here will play a role in determining the grade you receive for this project.
What you will include in the report:

  • Intentions & Rationale- Describe and justify why you chose to develop the site as you did: What were your main objectives in developing this project and what did you do to accomplish them?

  • Navigation- Why did you choose the overall structure you did for your site? What factors did you consider as you chose the particular hierarchical structure and categories you used?

  • Visual Issues- Why did you choose the specific visual components you did? Consider issues of layout, color, images, buttons, backgrounds, and typefaces.

  • Technical Issues- Given the technical experience you had when you entered the class, what application difficulties did you encounter and how did you work to resolve them? What technical aspects were most challenging and why?

  • Project Challenges- What kind of challenges did you face as you developed this project and how did you deal with them? How did these problems compare to those you anticipated before you began?

  • Grade- Based on both the development process and the final product, what grade do you think you deserve for this project and why?

  • Any last thoughts or general conclusions you would like to share concerning the project as a whole? What would you do differently next time? What would you have liked to have known more about before you began?