Date What We'll Do in Class What's Due in Class
M 7/1 Introductions to each other & the course;
survey of your web and computer experience

T 7/2 Review of basic HTML; Tables; Coding
assessment activity

Syllabus response
W 7/3 The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly: Notes
on Design
Make a basic Web page for the class
Read pages 61-74 in WDW and "Designing a Designer's Site"
M 7/8 Review "Ugly" pages
Come up with design criteria for good/bad pages
DreamWeaver Demo

Make the ugliest, most user-unfriendly page
T 7/9

Web images
Photoshop demo
Photoshop Web Tips Activity

Read pages 1-60 in WDW
W 7/10

Th 7/11 Slicing & Optimizing images
Instructions for small personal projects
Read pages 161-184 & 247-258 in WDW
M 7/15

Development processes
Design basics
Discussing Writing Centers & their web sites
Looking at Writing Center web sites in CCLI

Read pages 127-144 in WDW
Analyze at least 5 Writing Center web sites
T 7/16 Group Project set-up & directions
Discussion of MTU Writing Center Site analysis
Meeting & discussion with Asst. Writing Center Director
Forming groups

Written analysis of MTU Writing Center Site
Written Project Proposal
W 7/17 Working with Clients
Audience analysis
Uses of specialized technologies
Organization & Hierarchy

Read pages 75-98 & 99-126 in WDW

Th 7/18 Site Navigation
Web Usability
Getting feedback on project mock-ups from classmates
Read pages 217-232 in WDW
Read Gunnar Swanson's "Web Woes" & Jakob Nielsen's "10 Good Deeds in Web Design"
3 Screen mock-ups for personal project due
M 7/22 Project proposal presentations

Group Project proposals & sample screens
T 7/23 Directions for Individual Final Project on Social/Cultural/Political/Economic Issue
Cascading Style Sheets
Pop-up menus & Fireworks demo

Read pages 273-286 in WDW
W 7/24 Animated gifs
Flash Demo

Read pages 311-342 in WDW
Th 7/25 Lab Day

First version of personal project due
M 7/29    Testing Practices
Registering with Search Engines

Read pages 145-160 & 259-264 in WDW
T 7/30 Lab Day

W 7/31 First version of group project site alpha-test

First version of group project site due
Th 8/1 Lab Day

M 8/5 Lab Time
Beta Testing

T 8/6 Lab day

W 8/7 Lab day Final Individual Project presentations

Final Personal Project due
Th 8/8 Final Group Project presentations

Final Group Project due

Writing Center Group Project Report & Rationale due

Individual Project Report & Rationale due