Analyzing the Current MTU Writing Center Web Site

Over the next few weeks you will be working with a group to create a new web site for the MTU Writing Center. After having examined web sites of Writing Centers of other universities, this assignment asks you to begin looking more closely at the current MTU Writing Center site.

What You'll Do
Spend some time reading thoroughly each of the pages within the MTU Writing Center web site. Once you have a good sense of the site and its design, write up your responses to the following questions. This analysis is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. Remember that the more time you take in analyzing the current site, the better prepared you will be for your meeting with the client and for approaching the redesign process.

  • What is the overall "feel" of the site? Characterize it in your own words.
  • Given what you find in the words and design of the site, what purpose or goal is the site trying to achieve? What gives you this sense?
  • As an MTU student (and therefore a member of the site's intended audience), do you feel invited into the site and encouraged to use the resources of the Writing Center? Who is the audience for this site and how do you know this? Be as specific as possible (all MTU students is not necessarily an adequate answer unless you can justify it).
  • What do you think of the site's design?
    • Is the layout of text and images clear and easy to read?
    • Do the colors and images help to achieve the site's goals?
    • Is the navigation predictable and/or easy to follow?
  • What resources are available on the site? Given what you have seen on other Writing Center sites, what else would you like to see?
  • If you have never used the Writing Center, what can you think of that might be incorporated on the web site that would encourage people like you to try coming in? (Just so you know, I take for granted that every writer, including graduate students in Writing Studies, can benefit from help with their work).
  • What is your initial impression of some of the changes that you would like to see made to this site?