Audio Documentary Podcast Assignment

Project Directions
This assignment asks you to work with one or two partners to create a short (no longer than four minutes) audio documentary. Similar in style to stories on This American Life, Radio Diaries, Transom, and Story Corps, your documentary should attempt to capture a narrative recounting of some event or story or to investigate a question, activity, or community of people. The subject matter is up to you as long as you work to depict some person/people, place, and/or event. In addition to capturing your story, you should consider all auditory options for helping to convey your narrative. You might want to incorporate narrative from the main character(s)/subject(s), contextual voiceover material, conversation between multiple participants relevant natural sounds (if appropriate), and possibly background or transitional music. Your final audio project should be in MP3 or m4v format and turned in on a CD or DVD.

In addition to your final audio project, each individual on your team must also include a short (1-2 page) written reflection and justification of your production and authorship choices. You should use this piece of writing as an opportunity to consider thoughtfully what you set out to do and how you addressed the most significant challenges you faced along the way. This project as a whole is worth 15% of your final course grade.

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