Audio Recording Methods

Using an iPod for Recording Audio
Although the sound quality you can get from recording with an iPod is not great, the process could not be easier. Begin by simply plugging in one of the available iPod microphones (TuneTalk, iPod Voice Recorder, or iTalk) to the top of the iPod. When a microphone is inserted, the iPod will go to a "Voice Memo" screen where you simply press play to begin recording. Press the play button again to stop or pause recording. Be sure to get the microphone as close to your subject as possible and to avoid making any unnecessary sound.

To edit your audio recordings, plug the iPod into one of the Macs using the USB cable which connects to the bottom of the iPod. This will automatically launch iTunes on the computer and you will be asked whether you would like to download your voice memos to the computer. Click yes and wait until iTunes says the iPod update is complete. Click on the eject icon next to the iPod in the Source window on the lefthand side of the iTunes interface before unplugging the iPod from the computer.

You will be able to find your files in the Soundtrack browser by going to Hard Drive>Users>englishdepartment>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music>Unknown Artist>Unknown Albulm and selecting the desired file.


Recording Audio Directly into the Computer
You can record audio directly into the Macs via the built-in internal microphone. Begin by opening the application Soundtrack. Then, click the red record button (shown below) at the bottom of the project workspace. This will begin the recording and will automatically place this content on a new track.