Interactive Project (20% of final grade)

Project Directions
This assignment asks you to work with one or two partners to synthesize what you have learned about multimodality, interactivity, and narrative to complete a piece of interactive multimedia. As with the audio project, the subject matter is yours to choose, but your team may want to look at samples from the Interactive Narratives web site (and other sources listed below) to help generate ideas. Creating a narrative recounting of some event or story or investigating a question, activity, or community of people as you did in your audio documentary may help to focus your efforts, as well as provide you with a way of comparing production methodologies and the different kinds of communication made possible in different media. Additionally, you might consider creating an interactive version of the Tape & Chart materials provided by Dr. Lemke.

Utilizing the software application Flash, your team will create a project that allows readers some degree of control over how they use/read/view your work. Your project should also experiment with the communicative potentials of various media and modalities as appropriate to your subject matter and intended audience. The final version of your project should be turned in on CD in both .fla (authoring file) and .swf (player version) formats.

In addition to your final interactive project, each individual on your team must also include a short (2-3 page) written reflection and justification of your production and authorship choices. You should use this piece of writing as an opportunity to consider thoughtfully what you set out to do and how you addressed the most significant challenges you faced along the way. You may also want to discuss briefly how your efforts and experiences relate to the readings by Crawford, Manovich, Selfe, McAdams, Miller, the New London Group, and/or others. This project as a whole is worth 20% of your final course grade.


Interactive Multimedia and New Media Sample Texts

Resources and Tutorials for Working with Flash