Creating a Podcast Using Soundtrack

Importing Sound from an External Source
If you have used an iPod or some other external source to capture audio, the first thing you will need to do is import it into Soundtrack. Use the Browser button in the Search window to locate the file. If you've used an iPod and have downloaded the file to iTunes, you can find it by going to Hard Drive>Users>englishdepartment>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music>Unknown Artist>Unknown Albulm and selecting the desired file.

If you have used a video camera or other device

Adding in Music and other Sounds
To make a more polished and complete Podcast, you may want to add music or other audio to your documentary. As Geoghegan and Kass discussed, using copyrighted music without permission is illegal and could get you into trouble. Luckily, there are several web sites that offer free and legal music in exchange for crediting the source (and thus exposing up and coming bands to larger audiences). Some of the largest and easiest to use include the following. All require registration to download songs, but the process is quick, easy, and free:

Editing in Soundtrack
For guidance on editing in Soundtrack, the Using Soundtrack page provides an overview of the interface and the basics of arranging and editing tracks. For more detailed information, including steps for eliminating unwanted noise and equalizing the sound of all your segments, check out the Mac Zealots Soundtrack tutorials.

Geoghegan and Kass suggest a couple of things that will make your editing experience a little easier:

  • give yourself a little space at the beginning of your recordings to make sure everything gets recorded
  • pause a little in between any fumbles, mistakes, or do-overs while recording. This will make it easier to edit out things you don't want without disturbing the content you want to keep
  • remember that while you want your podcast to help convey your story and to be professional sounding, it's ok if it isn't perfect. Part of the genre of podcasting is about being "real", so don't worry too much if you sound a bit casual and accessible.

Exporting: Putting Your Podcast into the Right File Format
Once you have finished editing your audio documentary, there are a couple more steps to make it podcast ready.

  1. Save your authoring file (the file you have been working on) somewhere on the computer where it will be easy to locate.
  2. Close Soundtrack.
  3. Find the file icon for your audio project (the file you just saved in Soundtrack) and drag it on top of the iTunes icon in the dock. This will automatically place your file in iTunes.
  4. Click on the name of your file in iTunes to highlight it.
  5. Go to the Advanced menu at the top of the menu bar and move down to "Convert to MP3". An MP3 file, which is accessible to a wide range of listeners regardless of computer platform or software, will be created in your iTunes library.
  6. Burn a copy of your MP3 file to CD or DVD and you are done.