Multimodal Video Game Analysis Directions
Taking advantage of access to the Learning Games Initiative’s game lab in Knox Hall, you will spend time playing and analyzing a computer- or console-based video game of your choosing.  On March 13th, you will have an opportunity to visit the game lab while it is in a research session with middle school students.  This will give you a chance to see the space and resources available, to see some of the games in action with “expert” users, and to learn a little bit about the academic research being conducted there.

We will return to the game lab on April 25th for our own session of play.  In addition to playing and watching a game or two, you will be gathering information about one particular game title and its use of various multimodal and multimedia elements. 

Your resulting 3-4 page written analysis can examine the use of an individual mode or medium (such as background music, sound effects, video cut scenes, animation, color, images, movement, etc.) throughout the game or the intersection of several of these.  In this paper I am looking for you to pay specific attention to the use of multimedia and how it shapes the feel and experience of the game.  Additionally, we will have completed several readings about video gaming, interactivity, game structure, games and narratives, and gaming and literacy by the time we visit the game lab for your play session.  If appropriate, you should work to tie in some of this material as you see fit. You do not need to be an experienced game player to complete this project.  This assignment is worth 15% of your final grade.  

Due Date
Your written analysis is due on Thursday, May 11th during the finals’ week class meeting, though you are welcome to turn it in sooner.