Welcome to section R09 of Revisions. In this course we will be studying the interrelation of oral, visual, and written communication. Through critical analysis of your own work, as well as the work of others, you will develop your abilities to create documents that engage and inform readers and viewers in a variety of circumstances. In addition, you will have the opportunity to improve the technological sophistication of your communications. Because this course is designated computer-intensive, you will have access to the Humanities Department computer lab (CCLI- Center for Computer-Assisted Language Instruction) which contains both PC and Mac computers, scanners, printers, and helpful array of software. You may also check out a variety of digital equipment, including digital cameras, laptops, video cameras, and portable projectors for the processes of composing and sharing your work.

Important Information
UN2001- Section R09
Revisions: Oral, Visual, and Written Communication
Class Meets: MWF 2:05-2:55 in Walker 116 and Walker's CCLI (see schedule for specifics)

Instructor: Jennifer Sheppard
Office: Walker 146
Phone Number: 487-3275
Email: jasheppa@mtu.edu
Course Web site: http://www.hu.mtu.edu/~jasheppa/revisions/intro.html
Office hours: Wednesdays 12-2 and by appointment