Courses Taught at San Diego State University

Courses Taught at New Mexico State University

  • ENG 585: Portfolio Preparation
  • ENG 5/678: Topics in Rhetoric and Technology: Multimedia Theory and Production
  • ENG 5/649: Graduate Study in Writing: Online Pedagogy
  • ENG 5/643: Multimedia Theory and Production
  • ENG 4/549: Graduate Study in Writing: Web Communication Design and Development

Professional Communication Guide Projects

Courses Taught at Michigan Technological University

The following courses were developed and taught as a Graduate Assistant at Michigan Technological University. I am the instructor of record for all.

  • UN 2001: Revisions: Oral, Written and Visual Communication
  • HU 2650: Introduction to Web Design and Development
  • HU 2644: Introduction to Computer Applications
  • HU 209: Verbal/Non-Verbal Communication
  • HU 103B: Introduction to Technical Communication
  • HU 101 I: First-Year Writing for Biology Majors

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