Grading Policy
The grading for the class will be primarily based on the projects submitted from each module. There will be 100 possible points per module. The point totals for the modules come from:

  • being turned in on time (10 points)
  • the basic objectives of the module are completed (varies)
  • originality and effort (instructor's discretion - varies)
  • extra credit section of each module (10-15 points)

A student cannot pass the class without turning in a project for each module.

Instructor's Discretion points will be based on the effort and originality present in the work you turn in. These points are designed to encourage you to extend and explore the capabilities of the software on your own and beyond what you are explicitly directed to do. This work is important because it is self-directed and this is a very necessary ability as you continue on academically and professionally. Use these points to pursue what is of interest to you and to have fun.

Extra Credit: Please note that the bonus sections are not required, but a student can not get an A without them. Yes, they are extra work, almost like doing two projects at once. However, this extra effort is worthwhile because it will help to acquaint you with more sophisticated features of various applications.

Part of the course will be learning to learn software. The demos done in class will partly discuss the similarities and differences between software applications in the same genre. The input of experienced and novice users of these applications will be helpful to everyone present. Since the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, anyone absent from a class will diminish its benefits to themselves as well as the other students.

You are allowed to miss four classes per semester, regardless of reason. Subsequent absences will affect your final grade at the rate of 25 points each.

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what was missed in class by talking to me or a classmate.

Points and Grading Scale
There are 2300 points possible in this course (for a listing of all assignments, click here:

  • There are 16 modules for a total of 1600 points
  • There is a final project worth 200 points
  • There is a Consultant Certification which is worth 100 points
  • There are reading and writing assignments worth 400 points

The grading scale is:
A 2125 to 2300
A/B 2024 to 2124
B 1897 to 2123
B/C 1794 to 2122
C 1610 to 2121
C/D 1495 to 1609
D 1380 to 1494
F Less than 1380