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This schedule is subject to change based on student needs.


Date In-Class Activity Due at Beginning of Class

Week 1
Defining Document Design and the Scope of the Course

M 8/18

Visual Literacy activity
Intro to course & one another
Survey on design & technology experience


W 8/20 Discuss Shriver
Magazine analysis
Shriver- “What is Document Design?”
Syllabus Response

Week 2
Design Basics— A Starting Point

M 8/25 Discuss CRAP principles
In-class work on ad redesign

Read Williams’ Non-Designer’s Design Book 1-71
W 8/27 Meet in Computer Lab
Discuss Type
In-class type activity
Directions for Business Card assignment
Photoshop demo

Read Williams’ Non-Designer’s Design Book 72-134
Week 3
Putting Design Basics into Practice
M 9/1 Labor Day- Class Cancelled

W 9/3 Critique session for Business Card assignment Draft of Business Card
Week 4
Design as Rhetoric
M 9/8 Use terms from Kostelnick & Roberts to analyze & discuss
rhetorical effectiveness of
example documents

Read Kostelnick & Roberts
“ Rhetorical Background” 3- 46
Bring a flyer, newsletter, or brochure to class

W 9/10

Discuss reading, responses, and examples Read Kinross “Rhetoric of
Write response to prompt
Week 5
More Sophisticated Visual Strategies
M 9/15

Continue analysis & discussion of examples
Discuss Major Course Project & begin looking for outside client


Read Kostelnick & Roberts 47-115 (chapters 2 & 3)
W 9/17

Meet in Computer Lab
Discuss reading strategies
Page layout software demo


Read Meggs viii-40 “Elements of Graphic Design”
Week 6
Working with Text-Oriented Documents
M 9/22

Discuss readings
Discuss resume assignment


Read Kostelnick & Roberts 119-217 (chapters 4 & 5)
W 9/24

Analyze resume examples


Week 7
Working with Words and Images
M 9/29

Resume critique session


Draft of resume due
W 10/1

Discuss reading
Discuss brochure assignment for Forest Service


Read Meggs 41-68 “The Union of Word & Picture”
Week 8
Working with Displays of Data
M 10/6

Discuss readings
In-class feedback on Outside client project proposal


Read Shriver 361-441 “Interplay of Words & Pictures”
Outside client project proposal due

W 10/8


Discuss readings and data display examples

Read Kostelnick & Roberts 263-312 “Data Displays”
Bring 5 examples o f data displays to class


Week 9
Working with Displays of Data

M 10/13


Fall Break- Class Cancelled  
W 10/15 Discuss readings and data display examples

Read Tufte 12-51 “Escaping Flatland” & “Micro/Macro Readings”
Read Lupton & Miller “McPaper” 142-155


Week 10
A Brief History of Graphic Design
M 10/20

Meet in Computer Lab
In class work day— bring project materials to meet with brochure project partner


W 10/22 Discuss readings

Read Lupton & Miller “Graphic Design in America”, “Counting Sheep”, Period Styles”, Modern Hieroglyphs”, “Pictures for Rent”


Week 11
Brochure Project Presentations
M 10/27 Project presentations

Forest Service Project due


W 10/29

Project presentations


Week 12
Introducing the Digital: How the Web Is Changing Documents
M 11/3

Meet in Computer Lab
Short intro to Dreamweaver
Discuss web project assignment


Read Williams & Tollett “Print vs. Web & How It Affects Design” & “Basic Design Principles for Non-Designers” 89-124
Read Williams, Tollett & Rohr “It’s a Horizontal World”, “Design Is Not the First Step”, and “Organizing Your Content” 61-98 & 117-126


W 11/5

Meet in Computer Lab
Lab Day— work on web project


Week 13
Document Usability
M 11/10

Discuss readings
Class activity on usability of various document types


Read Kostelnick & Roberts 389-435
Read Norman “The Psychopathology of Everyday Things”1-35
W 11/12

Meet in Computer Lab
Usability activity on web projects


Web project due
Week 14
Contemporary Issues in Design/ Design as Language
M 11/17

Discuss readings


Read from Looking Closer 2 1-61

W 11/19

In-class workday on client projects—bring materials to class


Week 15
Getting Feedback
M 11/24

Critique session of client project


Draft of client project due

W 11/26

Thanksgiving Break- Class Cancelled


Week 16
Client Project Presentations

M 12/1

Client Project Presentations  

W 12/3

Client Project Presentations  

Final Exam Week
Wednesday 12/10
All projects, memos, and revisions due by 12pm