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Date Class Activity Application/Assignment Due in Class on this day Due by 5PM on this day

Week 1

M 1/14


  • Introduction to Course
  • Getting to know the CCLI
Nothing Nothing
W 1/16
  • Selecting Printers
  • Eudora Demo
  • Word Demo

Eudora Project

Word Project:

Syllabus Response Nothing
F 1/18 Lab Day Word and Eudora Nothing (Eudora Project) Send Netiquette Email to Instructor
Week 2
M 1/21

Excel Demo

Excel Tutorial


Word Project

W 1/23

Power Point Tutorial

Reading Response to

"Absolute Power Point"


F 1/25 Lab Day PowerPoint Nothing


Week 3
M 1/28
  • Scanning Images Demo
  • Digital Camera Demo
  • CD Burning Demo
Scanner Project Nothing

Excel Spreadsheet Project

W 1/30 Adobe PDF Demo PDF Project Nothing Power Point Tutorial
F 2/1 Lab Day Scanning and PDFs Nothing
Week 4
M 2/4
Robo Help Demo Robo Help Nothing

Scanner Project

PDF Project

W 2/6 Lab Day Nothing Nothing
F 2/8 Class Cancelled Winter Carnival
Week 5
M 2/11
PhotoShop Image Manipulation Project 1

Reading Response to:

Megg's Chapter 1: "The Elements of Graphic Design"

W 2/13 Photoshop Demo 2 Photoshop Project 2 Nothing Scanning Extra Credit
F 2/15 Lab Day Nothing RoboHelp Project
Week 6
M 2/18
Illustrator Demo Illustrator and Reading Discussion

Reading Response to:

Megg's Chapter 2: "The Union of Word and Picture"

PhotoShop Project 1

PhotoShop Project 2
W 2/20 GifBuilder Demo GifBuilder Project Nothing Nothing
F 2/22 Lab Day Illustrator and GifBuilder Nothing Nothing

Week 7
M 2/25

PageMaker Demo PageMaker Nothing Illustrator Project
W 2/27 Lab Day Gif Builder and PageMaker Nothing GifBuilder Project
F 3/1 Optional Lab Day PageMaker Nothing Nothing
M 3/4 Class Cancelled Spring Break
W 3/6 Class Cancelled Spring Break
F 3/8 Class Cancelled Spring Break
Week 8
M 3/11
HTML and reading discussion

Reading Response to:

McCloud Interview in Wired

PageMaker Project
W 3/13 DreamWeaver Demo DreamWeaver Nothing Nothing
F 3/15 Lab Day HTML and DreamWeaver Nothing HTML Project 1
Week 9
M 3/18
FireWorks Demo FireWorks Nothing HTML/Dreamweaver Project 2
W 3/20 Lab Day FireWorks Nothing Nothing
F 3/22 Class Cancelled Instructor at Conference
Week 10
M 3/25

Flash Demo

Flash Nothing FireWorks Project
W 3/27

Sound Software Demo

Sound Software- Bring a CD to class Nothing Nothing
F 3/29 Lab Day Flash and Sound Software Nothing Nothing
Week 11
M 4/1
Director Demo Director

Flash Project
W 4/3 Looking at Multimedia CDs Uses of Director Reading Response to:

Wysocki's "Impossibly Distinct"

F 4/5 Lab Day Director
Week 12
Mon 4/8
Lab Day Lab Day
Director Project
Wed 4/10 Bryce Demo Bryce Multimedia Comparison Response Nothing
Fri 4/12 Poser Demo Poser Nothing Nothing
Week 13
Mon 4/15
  • iMovie Demo
  • Digital Video Camera Demo
iMovie and reading discussion Reading Response to iMovie book excerpt  
Wed 4/17
  • Final Project Discussion
  • Consultant Certification
Final Projects
Bryce or Poser Project Due
Fri 4/19 Discuss Final Project Proposals Final Projects Final Project Proposal
Week 14
Mon 4/22
Lab Day Final Projects Nothing Nothing
Wed 4/24 Lab Day Final Projects Nothing Nothing
Fri 4/26 Lab Day Final Projects Nothing Nothing
Week 15
Mon 4/29
Project Presentations Project Presentations Nothing Nothing
Wed 5/1 Project Presentations Project Presentations Nothing Nothing
Fri 5/3 Project Presentations Project Presentations Nothing Final Projects Due

Finals Week